SCAD X The Mill -Tuk-tuk with Decals and Rendering

Continuing Look-Dev and lighting


10/16/20232 min read

Look Development- Tuk-tuk with Decals

Alongside general revision and improvement, our team started decorating our vehicle inside and out. Dee handed me the decal illustrations and guidelines for the placement in the tuk-tuk. I exported these illustrations as a PNG with transparency so I could use it as an alpha, and simply adjust the size and rotation of the projection.

Look Development- Materials

I went back to take a closer look at the materials, focusing on the major ones that are crucial for the vehicle and storytelling. I chose one reference each for what I would aim to match and shaded a sphere in Redshift Houdini with some integrations of textures from Substance Painter.

I worked on the car paint, tire, dirt, metal, glass, and headlight material for this week. More, such as the wheel material, canopy, are to be done.


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This is a quick turntable how what the entire layout looks like.

Me and Dee plan to adjust some of the decals to match the curve of the surface- especially the one sitting on the fender of the back wheel.

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Lighting & Rendering

Starting from preliminary lighting, we began to implement the textures that we have been working on in our animations to approach the final visual. While I was working both on shots 2 and 6 for rendering this week, shot 6 faced a technical error of the procedural animation not fully matching with the terrain, thus having to push back for tuning as it affects the lighting as well.

I was struggling to match the tire material with the reference I got. I did some further research to see what causes the tire color to fade from dark black to an almost brown-greyish color. I figured out that tires oxidize as any other materials like plastic and metal from this article.

Based on that knowledge, I was able to gather more specific references that I could take a look once I focus on perfecting the tire.

I plan to focus more on the tires before I start the additional ones to make sure it is conveying the material more effectively.

This issue is to be tackled soon and should be ready to render soon, as all the textures are ready to be put in.

On the other hand, shot 2 was implemented smoothly with no major issues after optimizing the terrain to better match the wheel motion and suspension. Zach helped me resolve technical issues as such and added motion blur to the first iteration of our render.

This is how it looks like without the motion blur-

And with the motion blur and additional particles.

Not only shot 2 and 6, but the rest are also to be continuing with look development and lighting to tune the details.