SCAD X The Mill -Pitch

Pre-production to Project Pitch


9/18/20232 min read


After the initial brainstorming, our team fell in love with the rickshaw, often called Tuk Tuk, and chose to be our model of choice. We searched for some research to better know of our vehicle, and also for some visual references we could take inspiration from.

These are a few of the many videos that we stumbled upon.

Tuk Tuk is often considered a city commuter due to its small, compact size and high fuel efficiency compared to any four-wheeled vehicle. It is often seen in the streets of countries like India, Thailand, and even some countries in South America. Despite its common use, we discovered a vast community of people putting these automobiles on somewhere more extreme.

We were inspired by the 'Rickshaw Run- Himalaya' project and how they attempted to climb the world's highest mountains with this small vehicle. The manias of Tuk Tuk often push this vehicle to its limit, showing how resilient they are.



We decided our project to be within 30 seconds long, with relatively fast-paced shots to enhance the dynamic personality of the vehicle. We came to agree our first iteration would be 6 shots long, with 4 shots rendered in CGI. The rest are planned to be matte-painted digitally.

After Zach sketched the preliminary shot ideas, I polished them for the final look.

Based on the storyboard, we put together an animatic as a pre-visualization for editing and sound effects.


Vehicle Model

In an attempt to save time, we searched for a pre-made 3D model that we could buy and further edit to our needs. Due to the lack of varieties in the 3D product of the Tuk Tuk, we selected the 3D model first and then narrowed down our exact vehicle model.

Dee and I plan to polish this model further with some geometry clean-ups, and adding additional details on the front wheel.

This specific model is the Bajaj RE 2-Stroke, manufactured in Bajaj in 2008. We selected this model in particular due to it being a universal design for Tuk Tuks all around the world.


Project Execution

To make our project feasible, we came up with a schedule forward from this point.

Week 01: Brainstorming, Storyboard & Previs, FX R&D, Project Pitch

Week 02: FX R&D, Procedural Animation R&D, Model refinement, LookDev R&D

Week 03: LookDev, FX, 2D Asset(stickers) Design, Finish Looking for Sound Designer, Time Lock

Week 04: Continue LookDev, FX, Preliminary Matte Painting

Week 05: FX(near completion), LookDev(near completion), First Iteration Composite

Week 06: Cleanup(FX, LookDev)

Week 07: Cleanup(FX, LookDev), Matte Painting(completion)

Week 08: Refinement(FX, LookDev), Compositing, Receive sound

Week 09: Editing, Color Correction, Image finalising

Week 10: Fine Tuning, Final Composite

There was even an epic tuk-tuk chase scene in the recent Indiana Jones movie!

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