SCAD X The Mill- Lookdev Progress #1

Lookdev R&D, Adding damage and age to the vehicle


9/28/20232 min read

Tuk-tuk Look Development R&D

Based on our intended schedule and our mentor's advice, I started adding damage to the vehicle. Before painting the vehicle in Substance Painter, I proposed to start with more references and some preliminary tests.

I searched for some tuk-tuk image references, as well as some other vehicles for close-ups of rust and paint peel damage.

Especially for my paint surface R&D, I took a closer look on these particular images.

Quilt Test

I separated the core elements of the surface damage into five different categories- dirt & dust, mud, paint bubbles, rust, and dent. This helped me better organize my layers in Substance Painter, and also efficiently use them.

I brought back the car paint material that I developed in Substance Painter as a smart material.

After implementing these textures into RS, I used the previous setup that I used for the quilting test to finalize the look dev and render a quick turntable. There are some tweaks to be done to make the render from Substance Painter and Redshift look as similar as possible- such as the color and roughness. I plan to make sure to finish the material editing before I start painting the vehicle.