SCAD X The Mill -Introduction

Team meeting, brainstorming, scheduling.


9/13/20233 min read


Welcome to my blog!

This is where I will be updating my progress during the SCAD X The Mill NY collaboration class starting in September 2023. For this project, I would be working with 3 other VFX artists to make the project come to life. The team consists of-

Mateo Soloranzo- Compositing, Lighting, Filming, Real-time Rendering

Zach Jantz- CFX, FX(Vellum, Pyro), Python, Pipeline

Dee Divakaran- Art Direction, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Look Development, Motion Media

and myself, Yeona Choi, and I am contributing to this team with Art Direction, Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, Sculpting, and Texturing.

We named our team Mountain, as from our interest in nature and how we would like to implement this common interest into our project.



Below is the prompt-

And according to that, we started gathering some inspirational images to discover new aesthetics and objects. This Pinterest board was started by Dee and is being built with the contribution of our teammates.

Based on the image gathered, I noticed that our imagery is leaning towards keywords such as seasonal changes(fall leaves), vintage vehicle, farm, and rural. We agreed to focus first on brainstorming, to get as many ideas and inspiration based on the prompt that we have received.

We continued brainstorming for prompts with such aesthetics, and these are a few examples.

  1. Kei Truck

    • Winter -> Spring. Timelapse, snow mounting. Spring festival. Cherry blossom. Cute colors and a cute truck

    • Real photography(timelapse). Shoot/stock




I created a Google sheet to aid our team with organizing and scheduling in hopes this could assist us throughout our project.

The sheet, as for now, consists of four parts. It is free to be edited and updated according to our needs. (Click to see the full image)

This page is where we could put the information crucial for this project, such as email, portfolio website, skills, and program proficiency.

On the next page, is where we put our schedules throughout the week. This would further help us when we confirm our regular meetings and organize work sessions when needed.

This is a Gantt chart to help track and plan our progress. I plan to fill this out by the second meeting to discuss it in detail with the team.

The last page has hyperlinks that lead us to some useful links, such as our Pinterest board and Google Drive space that Zach created.


Wrapping up

  • I met with my teammates, Mateo, Zach, and Dee to form a team of four for the SCAD X The Mill NY project and named it Team Mountain.

  • Team Mountain started gathering images and videos for inspiration, and I prepared some prompts to share with the team for the next time. More are to be added before the meeting.

  • I created a Google Sheet to organize all the information that we would need further, and organized it according to our best needs.