SCAD X The Mill- Environment Lookdev & Preliminary Lighting

Overall Lookdev


10/9/20231 min read

Vehicle Lookdev Progress

Based on the feedback, I focused on developing the front wheel further. Zach was responsible for the geometry fix, adding more details and addressing the faceting issue of the wheel.

After fixing the UV according to the new geo, I transferred the materials from the previous SP file to a new one. This was done easily thanks to the workflow set-up, as well as replacing the textures with the new one.

Here is a direct comparison of the week's progress.

Environment Lookdev

Our team sought to start polishing the scene, especially for the shots that are fully CGI rendered, to match the terrain colors with our matte painting. I brought several rocks and ground textures from Quixel Megascan to Houdini Redshift to match the colors and create shaders for randomization.

Minor color tweaks were done both on the rocks and terrain to match the reference.

Preliminary Lighting

While the animation is in the process of being polished by our animator, our team decided to start placing preliminary lights onto the scene to establish light direction. I was responsible for shot 2 and shot 3a.

As we agreed in the pre-production stage, we wanted our scene to be lit in the sunset hours of the Himalayas- creating shadows with a purple hue that contrasts with the orange sunlight.

Specific values- brightness, color, and minor positions are to be tweaked, but our team agreed on the preliminary look and where we want to draw our audience's attention.