2D Animated Film Coming out June 16th, 2023


6/17/20231 min read

Project Brief

ARCADE(2023) is a 2D animated short film project directed by Erica Travia, a SCAD Animation student, with 80+ passionate individuals working as a team. In this project, I participated as a lead compositor along with Jay Lockner and had an opportunity to lead a team of compositors to bring the film to the grand finish line.

Compositing Guide

Not only being responsible for a lot of the shots in the 8 minute film, me and Jay created a compositing guide early on the progress to

First, establish an uniform style to be remained consistent throughout the film.

Second, effectively guide our team for certain techniques that we found useful while compositing in AE.


ARCADE consisted of 5 sequences, and could be separated into three distinctive moods. Indoors, arcade, and the psychedelic scene when Milo starts to be chased by Annie. The psychedelic sequence was anticipated to be the most complex, effect heavy part for compositing as it attempts to depict the insanity and chaos that Milo is going through while his fears are being manifested into a physical form being Annie.

Setting shot 51, the shot from the Youtube thumbnail as an example; this was the basic flow of how we brought the animation to its full life.

Leads Meeting

Since it was a large team of 80+ artists, and several communicating with the crew remotely, effective communication was crucial. The leads of ARCADE had an executive meeting via online every Thursday to communicate the progress of our production and marketing. This benefited the team with fast troubleshooting, high adaptability and a passionate atmosphere to encourage all of us as a professional.

More about the production and our experiences are documented in The Making of ARCADE.

Animation + BG , Light Matching, Digital Effects, Scene Light, Blur & Glow

First three pages of the ARCADE: Compositing Guide. The document is total of 9 pages long.