Mood Match- Danish Girl

Arnold lighting exercise


3/24/20232 min read

Project Brief

This project was a lighting exercise to better understand how lighting works on film sets, and how we could match them via CGI. I referenced a particular shot from Danish Girl(2015) by Tom Hooper. Programs used were Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Arnold, and Nuke for checking any color differences.

Comparison of the 3D render (above) and the original shot(below).

I referenced the color histogram from Nuke often to better compare the two images.


I took some time to analyze the colors and most importantly, the lens setting to replicate the shot as accurately as possible and to create an identical 3D space identical of scale and proportion. After studying the perspective and depth of the scene, I could start constructing the 3D environment.


After matching the lighting, texture and major props with the original, I attempted to alter the mood of the shot with a few prop changes and lighting adjustments.

First, I altered the scene to resemble a scene from a horror/thriller movie:

Second, I altered the scene to resemble a frame of Loving Vincent(2017) by using the AI toon shader and some oil paint textures.