Kafkaesque-Texturing Quentin WIP- Troubleshooting

To make this work, the base should be 1mil polys.


5/3/20231 min read

I managed to reach out to Professor Prada for assistance in baking. With the blocky baked normals issue, I attempted to solve it by creating a subdivided geometry of Quentin and smoothing the harsh edges out.

This appears to solve the issue, as the surfaces are a lot smoother and polygons are more dense as you see in the image below. The normals baked properly without any issues in 4K using Substance painter.

The polycount increased close to 1 million although I was able to keep the UV. I still want to seek out other methods to smoothen the surface by getting advice. If there happens to be no other solution, I would have to

  1. Talk with the FX artists to see if this may influence the simulation.

  2. Talk with the rigger if it may be possible to transfer the rig to the higher poly model.