Kafkaesque-Texturing Quentin 1

Technical Issues and Rare resources


5/1/20232 min read

Texturing our main character, Quentin happens to have a few obstacles that require some troubleshooting.

  1. The polygon density might be too low, thus creating the 'blocky normal maps' that appear when attempting to bake.

    1. if I want to try increasing the polygon density, I would need to discuss this with our rigger and FX artists.

  2. Low computer power. Attempting to back and texture Quentin in 4K is not supported by my computer at home, resulting in crashing or half-backed textures as the machine overclocks. I can try resolving this by trying on a more powerful machine, such as the one in Monty.

  3. Substance painter shader sets do not have an option that has all the parameters that I hope to use in Redshift-Houdini when rendering. I might need to find some workarounds for the materials or, try Mari.

So far this is what he looks like-

Currently, it is without any baked maps as the blocky appearance was bothering me to see the materials properly. I spent most of the time trying to adjust the shader settings, enabling options to maximize material options. I believe it is a good ground to start painting- although I am a bit cautious to push forward as we might need to re-export the mesh to smoothen it out.

My priorities due next class would be-

  1. Try running Smoothen in Maya and Zbrush to see if it helps with the tesselation. If there is a way to keep the UVs and polycount, that would be great.

    1. I should ask Josie if this may affect the rig.

  2. If option 1 doesn't work, I should try smoothening the geometry with some extra polygons.

    1. In this case, this is to be discussed with our FX artists and our rigger.

  3. After fixing the tesselation problem, I will resume from whatever step it takes- whether that be from UVing, texturing, etc.