Entomology Table- Who is the desk owner?

Adding character & Developing Concept


9/13/20232 min read

There is a saying that goes by 'You can know the person by looking at their desk'. The desk could be a very personal workspace, as it is somewhere that we could spend hours of our day sitting in front and focusing on the task. Conceptualizing the desk full of insects, I started to wonder what the story might this environment tell the audience. I came up with some questions that I could ask myself to better figure out the owner of the desk, followed by answers to each of them.

  • Q: How old is the desk owner?

  • A: Around 10-13

  • Q: How do they identify themselves as(gender)?

  • A: Does not matter(would not directly show in the piece)

  • Q: When is this?

  • A: Late 19th century - early 20th century.

  • Q: What would be their status of wealth?

  • A: Rich.

  • Q: Are they a professional entomologist? Or are they doing insect taxidermy as a hobby?

  • A: hobbyist, also a bit sloppy because they are young

  • Q: What is the motive of insect collection?

  • A: Curiosity. I see that children are often more daring and easily tempted to relieve their curiosity, which often drives them to fall deep into the 'rabbit hole' of certain hobbies.

  • Q: Would they like to show the work that they have done to other people? Why and why not?

  • A: I think they might be showing stuff in the open that their parents might enjoy watching, but the rest is hidden inside the cabinet or sort.

  • Q: Are they clean, or are they messy?

  • A: Messy. Does not put equipment back in place and does not throw rubbish in time

  • Q: Do they get easily bored?

  • A: Yes. Their mind wanders very quickly

  • Q: Who do you think made this environment?

  • A: Parents, so I think the furniture might be something sophisticated.

I think these questions helped define the situation and characteristics of the desk owner- thus, helping me imagine the environment better.

  • The equipment (tongs, pins, etc.) would be scattered around the desk. Some litters like candy wrappers as well, would be rolling around the edge of the desk.

  • Nice furniture, but antique style to match the time

  • Wants to hide work, probably something that will shock their parents. Fused insects?

  • Collects insects and also different insect parts

  • Does not make perfect taxidermy, because they are amateur and young

  • Usually puts normal taxidermy and equipment out, fused insects inside the cabinet- but should be open to show us

  • Chair pulled back

I plan to develop this idea further by drawing a quick layout for the desk and constructing a schedule for my project further.