Entomology Table- Preliminary Layout and 3D Blocking

Preparing the environment


9/19/20231 min read


Based on the questionnaire that I created myself, I selected certain props that would enhance the storytelling of the environment.

Such key props would be a secretary desk, lantern, chemical bottles, display cabinets, medical tools, and a key to lock & unlock the desk drawer. All these objects were the ones widely used in the 1920s-30s in the United States.

I created a preliminary layout sketch to determine the size relationship and placement for the major pieces of furniture. Although the basic structure is all done, I plan to push further on polishing the details and adding some personality to the furniture. Thanks to the 3D workflow, the final scene would be open to minor adjustments as always, such as opening and closing a certain drawer.

3D Layout

I researched for some key furniture dimensions to input in a 3D scene, as a starting place for my environment. Important elements are set to scale- such as the child's height(140cm, which was the average height of a 14-year-old boy back in the 1920s), the dimension of the secretary desk, and the height of the ceiling.

To-Do List for Week 2

  • Continue layout sketch

  • Start Chimera sketches

  • Continue and finish 3D block-out

  • Start modeling key assets such as Secretary desk, Lamp, cabinet