Entomology Table- Pre-vis and Modeling

Preliminary camera work and Main props


9/26/20231 min read

Main- Props Modeling

I managed to model the secretary desk, bookshelf, cabinet, and floating shelf. They are not finalized as ornamental details and UV mapping are yet to be done.


Due to time limits and technical difficulties, I faced with Maya camera and Playblast, I rendered each shot as a still image with some descriptions to aid in understanding the camera work. Lighting would be fixed except for some brightness, and tone adjustments after the textures are done.

The final rendering program is yet to be decided. What I am considering is UE5 or Maya Arnold- as each renderer has strengths and weaknesses. Due to certain shader limits and geometry restrictions for UE5, I aim to decide once I UV and texture the cabinet- to see how Lumen handles multiple layers of textured glass.