Entomology Table - Modeling Progress

finishing main props


10/3/20231 min read

Main Prop Modeling

I finished all the main furniture that I intended to put on the scene- desk, chair, cabinet, hanging shelf, lectern, and ladder. I plan to finish polishing them before I start UVing them, which I want to complete this week. I am considering getting some extra models from external sources to crowd the scene for extra props. Doing so, I could finish hard-surface modeling after I model the lantern and a glass bottle, tiny cabinet drawers to go inside the desk.

I am implementing each model I finish in the scene so I can dress the scene on the way- so if any place looks empty, I would be able to address them sooner and determine whether to add more props. This also helps me decide and tweak my lighting.

Currently, the lighting with all the main furniture appears like this.

Bugs Sculpting

Due to some delays in the schedule, I plan to start sculpting and blocking out the body parts that I want to scatter around the scene.