Realistic Character sculpted in ZBrush


11/19/20221 min read

Project Brief

Artemis was a 3D scultping project that I attempted to familiarize myself with Zbrush and the concept modeling workflow. I used Zbrush for sculpting the character and as well as the prop, Mixamo and Maya to pose the character, Substance Painter to texture, and Marmoset Toolbag 5 to render the turntable.

Character & Prop Design

I started the design process buy gathering references for inspiration and the sculpting style that I wanted to aim for. I decided to attempt sculpting a realistic character with accurate anatomy and minimal stylization.

After confirming the concept, I sketched a turnaround of the character and the prop, also referencing colors and detailed textures. This helped me all along from the sculpting progress to texturing.


After the character was sculpted, it was posed via Mixamo and Maya to fix any polygon stretches and make anatomical adjustments. The hair of the character seen above was put as a place holder, as it was to be later re-created via Fibermesh in Zbrush.

Hair was added after the pose was confirmed.

WIP Posing